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In the game Minecraft, a player constructs a Boeing 777

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    One Minecraft player unleashes their creativity and builds a massive Boeing 777, which consists of differently colored blocks.

    Minecraft Player Creates Boeing 777 Plane

    A Minecraft player has taken advantage of in-game tools to build a massive Boeing 777. Over the last decade, some ambitious players have pushed the envelope of Minecraft's construction mechanics to craft fictional settings, real-life locations, and even biospheres. In an example, one has built an impressive replica of a volcano in Minecraft, which has lava flowing across the ground. These community builds have gained significant recognition on the game's subreddit, a common place for players to engage in creativity.

    Minecraft is one of the best sandbox games in the world, where players can build whatever they want, including otherworldly structures, pyramids, and dungeons. Despite launching a decade ago, the game is still popular among players of all ages. Minecraft allows players to push their imagination and shape a massive world to their liking without limitations. It's even being used as an educational tool to keep students engaged in the classroom.

    One industrious Minecraft player known as gaojpArchive on Reddit has created a Boeing 777 in the game. One thing to note is that the plane is built flat, but the camera is angled to give the impression that it's taking off from the ground. There are some details to appreciate, such as differently colored engine cowlings and the logo of the airline company in the plane's vertical stabilizer. The lines of the fuselage are perfectly straight, leading some people on the Reddit thread to believe it's an actual photo.

    The player probably created this massive plane in Minecraft's creative mode, as it provides them with infinite materials. Fellow players in the comments expressed their admiration for the vehicle, with some admitting that they thought it was real until they saw the title. Also, it turned out that this is not the first time gaojpArchive has built a plane in Minecraft. Their Reddit profile features images of Boeing A330, Air China 747, and Breeze Airways A220 which are made up of differently colored blocks.

    As its name implies, the creative mode in Minecraft allows for more versatility with blocks and gives players better tools to build intricate structures. Unlike Minecraft's survival mode, it doesn't require players to gather resources like wood, sand, and dirt. Players also don't have to worry about food, weapons, and enemies that can kill them in seconds. It will be interesting to see if Minecraft players build new vehicles, cosmos structures, and iconic locations from other games in the future.

    Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

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